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BrainJuice Mobile is an aesthetically driven, content innovation and data management software company. We build custom solutions from the ground-up or transform existing business media, for mid to large-sized organizations, for delivery on Apple iOS® and Android® mobile devices.

BrainJuice  Telepathy™

BrainJuice Telepathy is our proximity aware mobile media content delivery system that is fully customized to your organization's needs and audience objectives. Our technology utilizes Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) sensors called an iBeacon® and operates in a range of approximately two inches and up to 300 feet. 

Once installed, iBeacons start broadcasting tiny radio signals. These signals can be picked up by your mobile device, at which point BrainJuice Telepathy triggers the app we develop specifically for your company — serving up actions and media content. The interactive presentation can include text, images, videos, animations and an array of dynamic business media that users can activate with a tap. Content can even be sensitive to who activates it, if they have any special needs, and even the time of day!


BrainJuice Telepathy works with iPad, iPhone, Android, and most modern laptops.

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