BrainJuice Mobile

Mobilize your business — SECURE.  SUSTAINABLE.  MOBILE.™

BrainJuice Mobile is an aesthetically driven, content innovation and data management software company. We build custom solutions from the ground-up or transform existing business media, for mid to large-sized organizations, for delivery on Apple iOS® and Android® mobile devices.

Introducing the age of content developers.

Dive in! Experience an unprecedented advancement in content creation technologies. BrainJuice brings you tomorrow's technology today with our unique blend of expertise, artistry and world-class software engineering. Client content is more than highly customized, it's action packed with a rich array of features including video, audio, 3-D animations, dynamic charts and graphs, simulations, photographic presentations, and personal note-taking. BrainJuice new-media pays for itself in a very short period of time and is more environmentally friendly as content can be wiped and reused to allow for easy update and revision. Organizations can also save money by providing employees with shared devices through a Central Media Library, reducing the number of devices needed. We are excited to show you what we've been inventing. You really need to see it! Request a demonstration.


Features and Benefits to Our Clients

  • SECURE – Hands-down among the most secure platforms for business communications available today
  • SUSTAINABLE – saves paper and printing resource management, time and travel
  • MOBILE –
    Want to take your training in a national park? Or fill out a form in a remote location?
    Once distributed, our secure products are untethered; they do not require internet access nor corporate network infrastructure
  • PROFESSIONAL – Content driven with professional design standards 
  • AFFORDABLE – High quality media deployment at cost savings price structure
  • RETENTION – Participant engagement fueled by exceptionally immersive interactive experience 
  • FLEXIBLESystem design tailored to your existing internal data architecture
  • CENTRAL – Ease of media libraries kept up to date and ability to push new content as it occurs 
  • GLOBALElectronic distribution lowers deployment costs and reaches staff or clients across the globe 
  • LIMITLESSAdds color and motion to old dreary one/two-color printed materials 
  • PERSONAL – Simplicity of a primal touch interface and portability makes the human experience more personal and convenient
  • SIMPLEDesigned to alleviate back-end web development and server integration and maintenance 
  • FUN – An enjoyable, intuitive and powerfully effective way to learn and do business!

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