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BrainJuice Mobile is an aesthetically driven, content innovation and data management software company. We build custom solutions from the ground-up or transform existing business media, for mid to large-sized organizations, for delivery on Apple iOS® and Android® mobile devices.


BrainJuice + Apple® Watch — Custom Data Collection
Introducing BrainJuice Wearables for enterprise. Combine the power of our MobileForms technology with Dick-Tracy-like coolness. Wherever your organization sends you to collect data, you can make quick use of our technology on tablets and smartphones without internet connectivity. If you happen to be connected to the net, the Apple Watch becomes your secretary using voice commands to fill in your form data. Our software design can even utilize the watch's digital crown to allow you to scroll through multiple choices. Winding a watch will never be the same!

BrainJuice + Apple® Watch — Proximity Driven Content Delivery
Combine the power of BrainJuice Telepathy and inexpensive iBeacons with unimagined location activated content delivery possibilities. For example, proximity near a specific model of industrial equipment could activate repair information, operational statistics or even training specifications.

Secure your organization's proximity aware content with the stealth of biometrics. Upon awakening in the morning, reach for your phone and pair it to your Watch using the sapphire fingerprint scan. Once on the wrist, your organization's beacons can serve up content to you all day. No need to worry about misplacing your Watch. Once it is off your wrist, it will not activate the secure content or databases until you pair it again. How's that for peace of mind? 

Start on Apple Watch. Continue on iPad.
Simple data collection tasks are tackled in a snap on Apple Watch. For more intensive content, hand off seamlessly to iPad or iPhone for uses requiring a bigger screen. We can even use custom notifications activated within a hundred feet of the beacon to let you know when you are near a hot spot. 

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