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BrainJuice Mobile is an innovative software and services company that builds mobile solutions for US federal clients, prime contractors, and corporations. We enjoy teaming up with our partners during the creative process. Together we combine our talents to deliver immersive, highly customized mobile apps for any project.

Learning Needs


Among the top reasons employees leave their companies are the relationship with their immediate supervisor and boredom or a lack of a challenge[1]. Productivity is another key driver of results. Top performers contribute two to four times the performance of competent performers. In complex jobs — for example, software engineering — top performers are 12 times more productive[2]. The right training and development programs directly impact performance and employee loyalty.
[2] Human Capital Institute, SHRM Foundation: Retaining Talent

Job Skills

  • Job Skills: Processes, product knowledge, technical knowledge and technical skills all impact productivity and the bottom line. Are your team members acquiring adeptness as quickly as possible? Do they retain and use what they've learned? Let BrainJuice put a new spin on job skills training. We all have our preferred learning styles, but studies show that appealing to multiple sensory inputs and personal styles enhances learning speed and retention. 
  • Compliance: OSHA, Sarbanes Oxley, forklift certification, HIPAA. Do your team members dread mandated training? Let BrainJuice apply our "magic juice." We can make compliance learning interactive, challenging, and fun while ensuring you meet governmental compliance regulations.
  • Safety: We all know the importance of a safe work environment from an ethical, legal, and risk-management/cost-control perspective. Yet most safety training is dull, disengaging and rarely impactful. Let BrainJuice help you deliver the kind of safety training that makes a difference.


On-boarding is much more than new-hire orientation. It is an essential process that reduces turnover, more quickly acculturates team members to your organization, and shortens their learning curve. Depending on the industry, 22% of turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment [3]. The cost of losing an employee in the first year is from 1.5 to 3 times their annual salary[4]. Furthermore, 90% of employees make their decision to stay at a company within the first six months on the job[5]. An effective on-boarding process supported by strong metrics improves time to productivity, retention rates, and customer satisfaction. Our expertise can make the on-boarding experience more effective, simpler and memorable.
[4] Human Capital Institute
[5] Onboarding Benchmark Report, Aberdeen Group

Sales Skills, Leadership, Communication Skills, Team Member Engagement

If you currently have in-house leadership and sales training content that you are happy with, we can bring it alive with our interactive technology. However, if you are looking for outside solutions to sales training methods and content that truly drives sales productivity, we can take care of you. BrainJuice has established relationships with global leaders in executive soft skills training programs.



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