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BrainJuice Mobile is an innovative software and services company that builds mobile solutions for US federal clients, prime contractors, and corporations. We enjoy teaming up with our partners during the creative process. Together we combine our talents to deliver immersive, highly customized mobile apps for any project.



What differentiates BrainJuice is our unique ability to invent and adapt our mobile technology specifically for our clients. Our solutions cannot be found “off the shelf.” We would love the opportunity to engage with your talent, tailor a potent team specifically to bring your aspirations to life, and together create mobile solutions that are both highly productive and ecstatically fun!

  • Custom Business Mobile Apps — developed from start to finish, for limitless use cases

  • Location Aware Mobile App Integration — Your team’s mobile devices become personal assistants automatically serving up Mobile Lab content, security clearance information, and even Mobile Training specific to locations, as you walk around. Cool!

  • Mobile Data Collection and Distribution — While you move about your day untethered, the data collected on mobile devices integrates seamlessly into your central   repositories. Best of all, and in contrast to commercial cloud storage offerings, Synapse resides completely behind your corporate firewall and is managed by your IT department.

  • Commercial App Customization — Are you working with commercial mobile apps that would be perfect if they had features specific to your business? For app vendors supporting customization, we can add those missing features to make the app fit your specific requirements.

  • Secure Mobile Connectivity Engineering — mobile device to corporate intranet secure connectivity evaluation and custom design under your rigid requirements and existing infrastructure systems

  • User Interface Design — Elegant user experience (Ux) design and production infusing your corporate brand and culture in everything we do. Already have a robust library of rich media? Is your communications department shorthanded? We work with your existing media or develop new-media components completely from scratch

  • Sweet B2B App Store — Our direct Business-to-Business deployment store is similar to your experience with personal devices. In addition, our iOS apps are sanitized and rigorously blessed by Apple, Inc. at no additional cost to you

  • Business Practices Innovation — nothing stokes our fire more than sitting down with your planning teams and partnering in the creative process. Together, we provide several pathways for laying out scope of work objectives and optimizing efficacies

  • CorTex™ — Priorities shift and business needs change. Your internal teams cannot always respond quickly or lack the specific expertise needed. BrainJuice and it’s nimble crew of CorTex™ professionals, assembled specifically to your project, quickly fill the gaps


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